Less is more

Fitness trends want you to believe that more is better! Apparently, every workout needs to be all out or if you prefer “no pain, no gain”, “go hard or go home” or some similar bull*hit!

Not even close!

Every workout is stress to your body. You don’t need maximal amount, just a minimal stimulus that is necessary to cause adaptation.

Real question is – how much is minimal?

It would be cool if the answer is simple, but it’s not.
It depends on your:

1) Fitness levels
2) Health status
3) Lifestyle (sleep, nutrition, and overall stress)
4) Genetic predispositions

There is no point to train insanely if you work at a physically demanding job, sleep barely 5 hours and follow poor nutrition. In this circumstances, stress from hard training will only do more harm than good.

You need to train smart. Sometimes easier workout or no workout at all will better choice for long-term results.

Pocket wisdom
More is not more. Less is more. Pick your “battles” and train smart!



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