Beginner fitness tips

Are you new in the fitness world? Or just overwhelmed with all information in the fitness industry? You don’t know where to start, what program to choose, who to trust and so on?

Let me give you few guidelines that I wish I had known ten years ago.

1. The best workout plan is actually the one you will stick to it!

2. Consistency is the first condition of progress and achieving your goals!

3. The second condition is patience! This is a marathon and each step matters!

4. Since this is a marathon, don’t train to failure, always leave one or two reps in the bank!

5. When choosing a workout, remember that basics are called “basics” for a reason. Let that sink in!

6. Every workout is stress. More is not better. Train smart!

7. Don’t aim for the perfect, it doesn’t exist!

8 Instead, aim for the 80%! Focus 100% on this 80% (yes it sounds weird but trust me, it makes sense) and don’t worry about the remaining 20%!

9. Always be true to yourself and be aware of your abilities!

10. Be happy, otherwise, it’s not worth it!



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