Resistance band workout #1

The great thing about strength training is it methods diversity. You can achieve results using weights, elastic bands, kettlebells, Trx or simply with your bodyweight.

This particular workout consists of only 4 basic exercises and power band as equipment.

Why power bands?

They are easy to use, safe, cheap and you can carry them with you all the time. If you travel a lot, power bands and elastic bands are one of the best choices for a workout.

Furthermore, elastic bands are really safe to use compared to barbells and dumbbells which is a great thing when you workout alone in your home or hotel. You don’t want to end up under the barbell without anyone there to spot you.

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Why basic movement?

Basic movements cover almost every muscle in your body. Working out like this is effective (lots of activation and energy consumption), economic (time efficient) and biomechanical familiar (imitate natural patterns we are born with: pull, push, carry, hinge, squat).


Exercise order: Deadlift  -> Push up -> Split squat ->Bent over row -> rest & repeat

Work/rest intervals: 45sec / 15sec

Number of circuits: 2 / 4 / 6+ (beginner / intermediate / advanced)


Watch video HERE
  1. Bottom position – Push your chest forward and straighten your back
  2. Push your knees out during movement
  3. Head in neutral position to your body
  4. Top position –  lock your hips and squeeze your glutes.
  5. Top position – breath in,  breath out while ascending


Push up
Watch video HERE
  1. Heels – hips – shoulders in straight line
  2. Activate your core muscles and glutes
  3. Hold your lower back flat (don’t arch it)
  4. Slowly descend while breathing in
  5. Ascend wile breathing out


Split squat
Watch video HERE
  1. Push your chest forward and straighten your back
  2. Slowly descend through your front heel and breath in
  3. Push yourself up through your front heel and breath out
  4. While ascending, activate your core muscles
  5. Bottom position – front knee should be above middle of the foot and your back knee should be behind your hip


Bent over row
Watch video HERE
  1. Push your chest forward and slightly arch your back
  2. Pull with your shoulder blades first, then follow up with the arms
  3. Pull your shoulders back and down, away from ears
  4. Inhale on the bottom or while pulling
  5. Exhale while going down with your hands

Resistance band workout #2


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