Kettlebell workout #1

Kettlebells are really great training tool. Their shape allows big diversity in exercise selection and a different activation and “feeling” when performing basic exercises.

If you get used to barbells and dumbbells when doing squats, lunges, rows, presses, etc,  try to use kettlebells for a few weeks.

Kettlebells have a different center of mass and they are shaped to perfectly fit your hands. They are also great for performing ballistic exercises like a different type of swings.

In this first article, I will show you some basic exercises and recommend you full body workout.


Exercise order:

  1. Double kettlebell deadlift
  2. Alternate overhead press
  3. Goblet squat
  4. Double kettlebell bent over row

Type of work: Circuit training

Training parameters Full body kettlebell workout Kettlebell deadlift Kettlebell goblet squat kettlebell overhead press kettlebell bent over row


Check video HERE
  1. Bottom position – Push your chest forward and straighten your back
  2. Push your knees out during movement
  3. Head in neutral position to your body
  4. Top position –  lock your hips and squeeze your glutes.
  5. Top position – breath in,  breath out when ascending


Check video HERE
  1. Activate your glutes and quads during the whole movement
  2. Don’t arch you lover back
  3. Fill your lungs with air in bottom position, then exhale while pushing kettlebell in top position (leave some air, don’t exhale fully)
  4. In top position, fist should be above your shoulders
  5. Fully extend your arm and activate shoulders and shoulder blades
  6. Alternate hands each repetition


Check video HERE
  1. Top position – Hold your forearms close to kettlebell, elbows point straight down
  2. Top position – Head in neutral position to your body, glutes and quads locked and engaged
  3. Top position – Inhale in your lungs and belly, activate your core (imagine like you will get punched in abs and squeeze them)
  4. Movement – First break at your hips (push your hips back) than at your knees
  5. Movement – Push your knees out and screw your feet into the ground and out
  6. Bottom position – Push your chest forward and straighten your back
  7. “Sit” back and put weight on the back of your feet (you should feel tension in your glutes and hamstrings)
  8. Exhale on your way back to top position (still, hold your core activated)


Check video HERE
  1. Push your chest forward and slightly arch your back
  2. Pull with your shoulder blades first, then follow up with the arms
  3. Pull your shoulders back and down, away from ears
  4. Inhale on the bottom or while pulling
  5. Exhale while going down with your hands


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