New diet, lack of energy and constipation?

When I talk to my clients between sets, usually we talk about nutrition. One of the biggest problem when switching to a healthy diet is feeling hungry all the time.

One of the main reasons here is ditching lots of carbs without substitute that carbs (calories and fiber) with another source.

When you cut down on carbs, you need to do two things:

  1. Compensate those calories with same amount from healthy fat and veggies
  2. Compensate fibers from carbs with fiber from veggies and other sources (mostly common with nuts)

Also, if you suffer constipation problems when changing the diet, including more fibers from veggies, drinking enough fluids and using a little bit extra of mineral-rich salt (like Himalayan salt) will usually solve this problem.

Why is that?

When you cut down on carbs, not only that you ingest fewer fibers, but you will also lose water that was conected with your glycogen stores. In this case, electrolyte imbalances can occur and mess up your digestion and bowel movement.

If you have some of this problems, try my advice and you should feel better instantly.


Enjoy your meals,

Your S4H