Kettlebell workout – Build symmetry

Basic movements are great and should be a part of every workout program. But, like you don’t want to build a house on bad foundations, you also don’t want to rush with basic exercises before you address every asymmetry you have.

If you are just a regular foe and don’t have any medical issues, incorporating unilateral exercises into your workout should be enough to balance your muscles on both sides of the body.

Four exercises, one of each pattern: pull, push, hinge and squat.

Since the goal of this workout is learning patterns and build symmetry with intramuscular and intermuscular coordination, you should perform each set when almost fully rested. So take 2-3 minutes rest between sets.

Training parameters:

  • 4 exercises
  • 2 to 4 sets
  • Anywhere between 5 to 15 quality reps
  • 2 to 3 minutes rest between sets & exercises
  • Finish each exercise before proceeding to next one




  1. Bottom position – Push your chest forward and straighten your back
  2. Push your knees out during movement
  3. Head in neutral position to your body
  4. Imagine tennis ball in your armpit, squeeze it with your arm all the time and pull your shoulder slightly back
  5. Top position –  lock your hips and squeeze your glutes.
  6. Top position – breath in,  breath out while descending




  1. Activate your glutes and core during movement
  2. Don’t arch you lover back
  3. Fill your lungs with air in bottom position, then exhale while pushing kettlebell in top position (leave some air, don’t exhale fully)
  4. In top position, kettlebell should be above your shoulders
  5. Fully extend your arm and activate shoulder blade




  1. Push your chest forward and straighten your back
  2. Take a step forward and slowly descend through your front heel while breathing in
  3. Bottom position – Front knee should be above middle of the foot and your back knee should be behind your hip
  4. Before you push yourself from the bottom position, slightly exhale and activate your core muscles.
  5. Push yourself up through your front heel and breath out




  1. Push your chest forward and slightly arch your back
  2. Activate your core muscles to avoid rotation
  3. Pull with your shoulder blade first, then follow up with the arm
  4. Pull your shoulder back and down, away from ears
  5. Inhale on the bottom or while pulling
  6. Exhale while going down with your hands



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