Nutrition tips for beginners: Proteins

The word Protein comes from the Greek word Proteos which means The first one or basically The most important one.

Proteins are not “just” the building blocks of our organism, they are included in almost every body function, immune system, hormonal system, brain functions, etc.

Proteins are made from amino acids. Our body can produce some of them, but others are essential and we need to ingest them from food on daily basis.

Ther are few basic tips for protein consumption.

  1. We need around 0.7 to 1g of protein per pound of body weight
  2. When proteins are ingested, protein synthesis occurs and lasts for about four to five hours in healthy metabolism. It triggers anabolic environment.
  3. To maximize protein synthesis, we need a protein-rich meal every 4 to 5 hours.
  4. They should be included in every meal, ideally, the same amount spaced throughout the day.
  5. Quality matters. Always choose nutrient dense proteins sources like eggs, fish, meat, dairy and some soy products.

Without proteins, every other aspect of nutrition doesn’t matter. When you try to eat healthy, focus on protein quantity and quality.



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