Kettlebell HIIT for fat loss

No more than 30 minutes into your schedule? No problem! This workout lasts less than that, but you will feel like it lasts for ages.

HIIT workouts are great to “jump start” your fat loss through EPOC.

But, there is always a “but”! This type of workout is very stressful for your body so don’t overuse it!

If you are beginner or intermediate, once a week will be enough (alongside your usual workout routine).

If you are advanced, twice a week is more than you need.

Remember, in fitness, more is not necessarily better!Train smart, rest plenty and eat for your individual needs!


Exercise order:

  1. Double kettlebell Deadlift
  2. Double kettlebell Thruster
  3. Swing

Workout parameters

Kettlebell HIIT for fat loss


Warm up -> do the workout -> cooldown and stretch




  1. Bottom position – Push your chest forward and straighten your back
  2. Push your knees out during movement
  3. Head in neutral position to your body
  4. Top position –  lock your hips and squeeze your glutes.
  5. Top position – breath in,  breath out when ascending




  1. Distribute kettlebell weight evenly across your forearm, upper arm, and shoulder.
  2. Top position – Head in neutral position to your body, glutes and quads locked and engaged
  3. While descending – Inhale in your lungs and belly, activate your core (imagine like you will get punched in abs and squeeze them)
  4. Movement down – First break at your hips (push your hips back) than at your knees
  5. Movement down – Push your knees out and screw your feet into the ground and out
  6. Bottom position – Push your chest forward and straighten your back
  7. “Sit” back and put weight on the back of your feet (you should feel tension in your glutes and hamstrings)
  8. Movement Up – Exhale on your way back to top position and push kettlebells to top position above your shoulders
  9. Fully extend your arms and activate your shoulders and shoulder blades, pause for one second
  10. “Drop” kettlebells back to shoulders and proceed to squat




Swing is ballistic exercise with a goal of extending and flexing at your hips as fast as possible.

Body posture (knee bend, stance, back posture, head direction, arms) are same like you are doing Romanian deadlift. The only difference is kettlebell position, arm movement and speed.

First, you need to pull kettlebell from the floor,  back through your legs (only active pull with your hands). Every movement after that is initiated through your hips.

Your arms are extended but relaxed with only one task, to hold kettlebell. You don’t use them actively.

Hips should reach maximal extension while kettlebell is in far back position and then they need to “snap” fast forward to propel kettlebell to chest hight. In that position, hips are locked and your butt is contracted. You don’t need to lock your knees. Don’t arch your back and/or lean backward.

Watch your balance. Always push your feet to the ground and don’t let your weight shifts to your toes. Weight always should stay in the middle of your foot.



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