Kettlebell swing HIIT

You say “But I have only one kettlebell and 20 minutes in my schedule”, I say, “no problem”!

Here is a workout that will test your will and your body at the same time, and probably will leave you hugging the floor while sweating through your eyes. All that in 20 minutes or less. Fasten your seatbelts, here we go!

One of the best exercises you can perform with a kettlebell is definitely a Kettlebell swing

Kettlebell swing uses almost every muscle in your body in a dynamic way, while you’re trying to catch a breath. You don’t need heavy weights while doing dynamic contractions, you only need to accelerate weight you have.

If you are a science nerd, you can recall that Force = mass x acceleration.

Here is a workout

Working intervals are: 50/45/40/35/30/30/25/20/15/10 sec

Rest intervals are: 10 sec between intervals and 3 min after the last interval of 10

Repeat two times for a total of 20 intervals: 50/…/10 sec – 3 min rest – 50/…/10 sec – try not to die



Swing is ballistic exercise with a goal of extending and flexing at your hips as fast as possible.

Body posture (knee bend, stance, back posture, head direction, arms) are same like you are doing Romanian deadlift. The only difference is kettlebell position, arm movement and speed.

First, you need to pull kettlebell from the floor,  back through your legs (only active pull with your hands during movement). Every movement after that is initiated through your hips.

Your arms are extended but relaxed with only one task, to hold kettlebell. You don’t use them actively.

Hips should reach maximal extension while kettlebell is in far back position and then they need to “snap” fast forward to propel kettlebell to chest hight. In that position, hips are locked and your butt is contracted. You don’t need to lock your knees. Don’t arch your back and/or lean backward.

Watch your balance. Always push your feet to the ground and don’t let your weight shifts to your toes. Weight always should stay in the middle of your foot.



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